**UPDATE  September 2019 **

Our new address is mostly now showing up on Google- The newly landscaped lane around the back of Shed 21 is called Lady Elizabeth Lane and we are number 6, which is just past the newly installed big red bouy feature. The other side of the building and apartments still retain 28 Waterloo Quay as their address. 

***September 16-27th.   There will be works being carried out by CentrePort which will restrict access to our parking on Lady Elizabeth Lane. The parks CANNOT BE ACCESSED VIA BUNNY ST (THE NORTHERN OR BLUEBRIDGE END).  You will still be able to access the parking from the SOUTHERN END which is via Whitmore Street.    Note the Whitmore St entrance onto the waterfront can only be accessed by coming straight ahead off Whitmore St, OR turning left off the Quay if heading south. If you are driving NORTH along the Quays you cannot turn right onto the Whitmore entrance to the waterfront. In this instance turn left on Waring Taylor St or Brandon St, along to Stout St or Lambton Quay, then right onto Whitmore Street so you can go straight ahead onto the waterfront. GOOD LUCK!



WELLHAND is a Wellington hand therapy clinic offering treatment and rehabilitation for patients with hand, thumb, wrist, forearm and elbow injuries and related conditions. Our post graduate trained hand therapy team combined has over 60 years of experience in the field of hand therapy.

We are here to help you recover from your injury or condition – whether that is a sports injury, fracture, sprain, arthritis, dislocation, post-surgery or pain from overuse. All staff undergo regular professional development, and we pride ourselves on providing quality services targeted to your needs.

We liaise closely with hand surgeons and other health professionals, so if we can’t help you, we probably know someone who can!

Please contact us to book an appointment with one of our therapists by using the details to the right of the page or completing the email form on our contact page.


The Wellhand Team